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Lochinvar Solar Water Heaters

lochinvar solar water heaters

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  • Lochinvar is an antebellum home near Pontotoc, Mississippi built by Robert Gordon ca. 1836. The house's heart pine woodwork and handmade bricks highlight the attention to detail of its wealthy owner and the Scottish architects and builders he employed.

  • Lochinvar (or Lan Var) is a loch in Scotland that is now a reservoir. It nestles in the hills of Dumfries and Galloway to the north-east of St. John's Town of Dalry. It is drained by the Lochinvar Burn, which flows south to the Water of Ken.

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MV Lochinvar

MV Lochinvar

Acquired in 1908, this little ship was one of MacBrayne's earliest motor vessels (i.e. not a steam ship). In fact, MacBrayne's were quite far ahead of the game in ordering motor vessels as opposed to steamers - British Railways were still ordering steamers as late as the 1960s. This conservatism on the part of other companies led to MacBrayne's ships continuing to be referred to as "steamers" in decades up to the 1960s even when most were motor vessels.

For nearly 50 years, the Lochinvar was the island of Mull's main contact with the mainland. She sailed daily from Oban to Tobermory via Craignure (where there was no pier at that time and she had to wait off shore for a small launch to come out from the shore to take off passengers and mail), Lochaline and Salen.

In 1955, the Lochinvar was replaced by the MV Lochearn (1930) whereupon she became a relief "steamer" until sold by MacBrayne's in 1960 - she was, in effect, ousted by the arrival of the Loch Arkaig. The Lochinvar then operated in the Thames estuary for a few years named Anzio. She was sold in 1966 to Scottish owners for use out of Inverness but, on her delivery voyage north, she was wrecked off the Humber estuary with the loss of her entire crew.

This picture is at Oban and is likely to have been taken in the early 1950s towards the end of the Lochinvar's long service as the Mull mailboat

5032 at Lochinvar

5032 at Lochinvar

5032 and 5029 waste no time blasting through the level crossing at Lochinvar with BW213 empty coal to Mt. Arthur.

lochinvar solar water heaters

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